A case study of dreaming of yellow ostrich

Dreaming of jaundice, auspicious signs, heralds fame and fortune.

Dreaming of yellow screaming, heralded fame and fortune.

The woman dreamed that the jaundice was trapped in the tree, indicating that he was very dexterous.

Dreaming that Huang Qi stopped at the tree and screamed, there will be new lovers, friends or dreams of goodwill.

Dreaming of the dream of Huang Qi flying in the air while screaming is a sad sign that the lover or couple will leave.

Dreaming that many yellow ostriches migrate, you have good luck.

I dreamt that two yellow ostriches are in my house. These days, my friends are lucky, and my love is good.

Dreaming that Huang Qi is flying low in the grass, it is possible to mobilize jobs or divert to other industries.