The Meaning of countenance, facial features, facies in Dreams

Dreaming of a beautiful and straightforward face, you will find the happiness that fate has given you in the near future. But if you see an ugly frowning face, it indicates a deal that is not favorable to you.

Dreaming of other people’s ugly faces, indicating that in the process of love communication or marriage is full of rugged, it is likely to move toward separation.

Dreaming that the face is ugly and sad, it means how hard it will be. Your lover will always ignore you, you will experience the pain of missing, there will be a sleepless night.

Dreaming of an ugly face, it is unfortunate that it is coming.

I dreamed of seeing each other’s expression when I was hugging with my lover. I felt very scared, saying that this is a dream that suggests that the lover has other lovers and gradually alienated from her relationship.

Dreaming that my nose is very ugly, indicating that this is a bad omen.

Dreaming of ugly foreheads means that you are unfair in the handling of private matters, and your behavior will be offensive.

I dreamed that my face became beautiful and happy, and that my relationship was auspicious. Your friends, the people around you, and your classmates will greatly increase your trust. You will be able to solve difficulties or disputes for the fair and give full play to your leadership skills.

Dreaming that someone is smiling, indicating that you may meet new people.

I dreamed of a lot of wrinkles on my face, indicating that I might experience a period of hardship, economic pressure and quality of life.

Seeing your face in your dreams may indicate that you are reflecting on yourself, thinking about and pursuing a true self, or warning yourself and abandoning false masks. On the other hand, it is also possible to remind you that unpleasant things will happen; for those who are already married, it is possible to foresee a divorce.

Dreaming of a distorted face also means that you will suffer from disaster.

Dreaming of a face becomes awkward and lacking in anger. It indicates that you have been busy in the recent work, and your friends have increased. Although there are some hard work, you don’t need to worry.

If you dream that your face is distorted, it implies that your heart is struggling, or you feel very inferior.

Dreaming of blocking the face, indicating that there may be emotional entanglements, or people with adultery, scandals, fear of being discovered.

Dreaming that your lover’s face is getting old, indicates that you may be gradually alienating and the relationship will break.

I dreamed that my face became very beautiful and beautiful, and I was happy in my dreams. She said that she has been very successful in dealing with people in the near future. She is deeply loved and trusted by everyone, and she may also play a leading role and lead everyone to solve problems.

Dreaming of looking at my face with a mirror also has two meanings. On the one hand, it may mean that you are dissatisfied with your image, have no confidence in your appearance, and hope to improve your image; on the other hand, it may indicate that you are considering how to express yourself in front of others.

If you dream of a strange, ugly or weird face, you will be reminded that there may be enemies around you.

Dreaming of a beautiful, bright and cheerful face indicates that you are happy and happy.

Dreaming that your face is swollen, or getting fat, or redder than the original, it indicates that you will get rich, or get promoted, and become rich.

Dreaming of a friend or a lover’s face becomes distorted, which may indicate that you are subconsciously feeling that there is a very contradictory mentality in their hearts.

Dreaming of an ugly face, or a facial expression, a squinting face, suggesting that you may be in trouble, in a bad situation, and in your heart. If young people do such a dream, they may also express that their feelings will be hit and there will be twists and turns. If this face makes you feel evil, you should be extra cautious in the near future, such as doing business with others, or signing a contract, be extra careful.

Dreaming of a dirty face, full of dirt, indicating that you will have a disaster, unfortunately, in the near future to be vigilant.

I dream that I am paying special attention to other people’s faces, suggesting that you are trying hard to understand and pay attention to others in your life. Dreaming of a few different faces may remind you that you should pay attention to those who are really important in your life.

Dreaming about acne or sores on your face, don’t worry too much, you need to strengthen your exercise; people who like sports have such dreams, they may have good luck in the recent exercise, maybe they will like it. People, or receive unexpected surprises.

If you dream of a family or friend suddenly have a terrible face, it implies that the person will suffer misfortune, or improper income.

Dreaming of covering up his face suggests that dreamers want to hide themselves, refuse to express their true thoughts, or want to cover their abilities.

If you dream that your face is ugly, and you feel sad in your dreams, it implies that you will encounter setbacks in love, and you may never get a response from your sweetheart.

If the face in your dreams is not only beautiful, but also makes you feel sincere, or very reassuring, suggesting that you are working well, or you will get a job that will satisfy you and have fun.