The Meaning of armpit in Dreams

Dreaming of someone else tickling in your armpits indicates that you will suffer from lingering illnesses and worries.

Dreaming that you are tickling in someone else’s armpit, you will miss a lot of happy opportunities, which are caused by your own personality defects.

Dreaming about the armpits, from the perspective of Zhou Gongjie, said that it may be troubled by some diseases, it is recommended to see a doctor.

Dreaming of pubic hair or mane, representing your subconscious, there are some less normal sexual desires. For example: pedophilia, fetish or homosexuality, pay more attention to your recent behavior.

Dreaming of pubic hair or mane may also mean that you have not had sex for a long time, and there is a desire for sex in your heart.

I dreamed that my arm muscles were strong and I could work hard to get rewarded.

I dream that my arms are weak and weak, my career will be frustrated, I will be demoted and I will be in trouble.

A woman dreams of a weak arm and her husband or child is about to leave the world.

Dreaming of bleeding on your arm, your career will cause you to suffer economic losses. Not only will all of your savings be lost, but even life will have problems and fall into poverty.

I dreamed of a shoulder injury and increased leisure activities.

Dreaming that the shoulders can not be used, love will be clouded.

I dream that my arms are muscular and strong, which means that my efforts will be broken.

Dreaming that the arm is sick or not used, will be demoted, in trouble, and the economy will suffer.

Women dream of having their arms sick or not, and their husband or son will die.

Dreaming that one of my hands has broken is a sign of pain and damage.

Dreaming that the hands are swollen, friends and relatives will benefit from strangers.

I dreamed that my arm was bleeding and I would fall into poverty.

I dreamt that the hair on my arm grows long and will make a fortune, and the situation will soon improve.