Dreaming of a case study of leeches

Dreaming of leeches warns you to control selfishness or greed. It also means that you may have to face heavy work and rest.

Dreaming of being bitten by a otter, there are women who want to harass you, and don’t be left alone.

I dreamed that the otter had drilled out of the hole and shredded to me, a hidden sexual dream. The hole in the ground symbolizes the vagina. Oh, it symbolizes the male reproductive organs.

Dreaming of the otter wrapped around my neck means that although it is a good fortune, the mind is clear and flexible, but the action is a bit sloppy, and it takes a little more careful. Everything must be thoroughly investigated before the action, but once you have decided on the goal, don’t be half-hearted and focus on the goal.

I dreamed that the otter came out of the cage and rushed to me, representing that the secret was exposed, or that the hidden conflict was open.

Workers dream of leeches, work is more loose, and there may be a slippery phenomenon. If you can restrain yourself from continuing to work hard, luck is good.

Dreaming of the otter speaks, indicating that there may be hidden secrets in the vicinity or a deep secret in your mind.

Dreaming of dreams is a good sign, and many dreams prove that your future children will be rich and expensive.(www.onlinedreamdictionary.com)

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