What is the meaning and symbol of sadness in dreams?

The meaning of sad dreams, sad dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of sad dreams to help you sort out below.

In your dream, you are worried about something, which means that the external environment of your work may have big changes that you did not expect, and you have nothing to do to deal with these changes, you can only let it go.

In the dream, you are anxious about things, but you seem to be unable to solve them. This means that you will be able to achieve results after a period of hard work. And if you are anxious about a boring thing in your dream, it means that your career may be frustrated.

Dreams of sadness, anger and madness indicate that what you are doing may turn out to be bad, or your future will be hindered by it.

Dreaming that others are sad, angry and mad, means that you will be tortured because of poverty.

If in your dreams should be lively and festive occasions, such as evening parties, festivals, performances and competitions, but you feel very sad, it usually implies that you are nostalgic for the departed relatives in your heart, and also remind you that you should Forget the pain as soon as possible and integrate into life.

The enemy in the dream is sad and sad, indicating that he will defeat the opponent or win the lawsuit.

Dreaming of family sorrow and sadness may indicate that he will hold a wedding and live independently.

Joining a sad crowd in your dream indicates that you will have friends who share adversity.

The sadness and anxiety in dreams are a reflection of past anxiety experience. In addition, it may also be a reflection of the difficulties and resistance encountered in recent work, study, and life in the dream.

The sad and anxious dreams of young men and women in love indicate that there may be conflicts between the men and women, and the two will break up.

A friend in the dream is extremely sad and depressed, suggesting that there may be misfortune for a friend.