What is the meaning and symbol of crying in dreams?

The meaning of crying dreams, crying dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the crying dreams for you below.

Crying in dreams often means that strong emotions are suppressed in the heart.

In the dream, I cry, which means that the sadness in my heart will be confided. The pain is finally over, my mood is about to relax, and a good situation will soon be ushered in, and the future will be smooth.

If you are crying, complaining, etc. in your dream, it also implies that your life is somewhat depressed, and your frustrations and grievances may be stuck in your heart for a long time, and you will not be able to truly express it. This dream reminds you to adjust your mood in your life and properly resolve your emotions.

If you are crying bitterly in your dream, it means that all the pain will end, the difficulties will pass, and the future life will be joyous and happy.

If you cry on the bed in your dream, remind you to beware of disasters.

In the dream, relatives and friends cry bitterly, indicating that someone may die.

In the dream, someone else is crying, which means that in the dreamer himself, his colleagues or friends, someone may be in trouble and get into trouble in the near future.

If others show their teeth when they cry, remind you to beware of lawsuits.

Dreaming that others are crying for joy, it indicates that you will get help when you encounter difficulties, come back from desperation, and regain hope.

If a woman hears a baby crying in her dream, it implies that the dreamer has a strong motherhood, a loving husband and wife, and a happy family life.

Crying with others in a dream indicates a happy event.

If the screaming scene in the dream is very painful, it is reminding the dreamer that he or some of his friends will suffer disaster.

The enemy crying in the dream indicates that the enemy will encounter good things and you may be in trouble.

If someone dies in the dream, crying by yourself usually indicates that you will get unexpected property.

A dead person crying in the dream indicates that you may quarrel with others.

The patient cried loudly in his dream, indicating that he was about to recover.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: crying represents stab. Crying cried out all the sadness and grievances, and the rest is smooth. So in the dream, crying means smoothness.

Psychoanalysis: I cannot cry in my dream, which means everything goes well. To cry with others in the dream, there will be good things to celebrate. Crying loudly in the dream, there will be joy. A woman crying loudly in her dream means that she will be more considerate of her husband and caring for her children. It is a bad omen to cry in bed in my dream. I may have physical problems recently. If the patient cries and laughs in the dream or the patient cries and laughs in the dream, this is a good sign and the disease will be eradicated. Dreaming that someone else dies and crying is a sign that you will get your property. In the dream, the dead person is crying, there is a quarrel, and will argue with others or quarrel with others. Pay attention to whether your behavior is inappropriate. It is an ominous sign that others cry and show their teeth in the dream. This implies that there will be litigation. There may be disputes in the business field because of debts, so be careful.