What is the meaning and symbol of other people’s children in their dreams?

The meaning of other people’s children’s dreams, other people’s children’s dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of the other’s children’s dreams for you to help you organize.

Children are the bridge between husband and wife, and the same is true for parents. In dreams, when others give children to themselves, they often express that they are in love or have gained wealth.

Unmarried people dream that others will give children to themselves, indicating that their love fortune has improved recently and they will have the opportunity to find a lifelong partner.

A married woman dreams of someone giving her child to herself indicates that she will be in trouble when she travels recently.

The incumbent dreams that others will send their children to themselves, indicating that they will get a good extra income recently.

Dreaming that someone gave me a child to myself, I will marry an ideal rich man.

A woman dreams that someone will send her own child to show her a long distance. There will be a lot of trouble on the journey, and it will delay time, so she must think more about it.