What Do Coyotes Symbolize in Dreams and How to Interpret the Meaning

The coyote symbolizes everything that you fear in your heart. Especially what you think is “beastful”, aggressive, and destructive. Perhaps your fear is irrational, or the result of instinctive repression from childhood traumatic experiences (such as the love of the father, the Oedipus complex). The coyotes symbolize the fear of male sex in women’s dreams, the so-called “salv.”

Dreaming of the coyotes, your career will be very unsatisfactory, you are disappointed, and your companions don’t understand you at all.

If the person in love dreams of the coyote, the two sides will quarrel.

Dreaming that the coyote attacked you, indicating that people who have nothing to do will destroy your reputation.

The married woman dreamed that the coyote broke into her home and said that she would have a yin or yang child or a debilitated offspring.

Dreaming of playing a coyote means over-indulgence and illness.

A woman dreams of a coyote coming to herself, which means her desire is strong.

The girl dreamed that the coyote came towards herself and would marry a weak, windless man.

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