What is the meaning and symbol of not optimistic feelings in dreams?

The meaning of dreams that are not optimistic about feelings. Dreams that are not optimistic about feelings have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreams that are not optimistic about feelings.

In your dream, you are immersed in love, but you have a bad mood for the future, which means that in real life, if you want to succeed in marriage at present, your hope is very slim.

The indifference in the dream implies indifference in love and not paying attention to each other.

The dream of being cold towards her boyfriend indicates that the relationship between the two will break.

Young women dream of her boyfriend being indifferent to her, which means that he does not cherish her feelings.

In the dream, she is indifferent to her boyfriend, which means that she is playing with each other’s feelings and has no real feelings.

In a woman’s dream, her boyfriend is indifferent to her, which means that he does not cherish the relationship between the two.

The woman quarreled with her husband in her dream, indicating that she would have a baby.

Quarreling with your lover in the dream indicates that there is a problem with your interpersonal relationship, and there may be disputes with friends or classmates. A worse situation may break up with the lover.

The couple beats and scolds in the dream, it means that your body is in condition, and you are still very weak, and you may get sick in the near future.

A dispute with a lover in a dream indicates that there is a lucky trend in love. The happy status quo of two people who love each other can continue, but if your willfulness is too much, it is difficult to say.

The prisoner quarreled with his wife in a dream, indicating that he would see his wife soon.

Dreaming of a cold war with your lover. This dream may imply that the relationship between the dreamer and his lover has already experienced problems, even conflicts have broken out, and they are falling into the cold war. Remind the dreamer that the happiness and stability of the romantic life requires the joint efforts of both parties. Only when the two sides respect and understand each other can the relationship be truly long-lasting. If you always stare at each other’s shortcomings, the relationship will break down sooner or later. Finally remind the dreamer: “If you love him, you must love everything about him.”

There is a cold war with the lover in the dream. Some people in dream interpretation believe that this dream may indicate that the health of the dreamer’s lover may have problems in the near future. Remind the dreamer to pay more attention to ensure the health and safety between himself and his lover. It is very helpful for emotional stability and happiness. After all, in many cases, a healthy body is the foundation of everything.

The cold war with your lover in the dream reminds the dreamer that in the near future, he needs to beware of the involvement of a third party that may appear in the relationship. It is the responsibility of the dreamer to maintain the stability of the relationship. At the same time, it is also to ensure his own happiness and interests. .