What does the resurrection of old feelings mean and symbolize in the dream?

The meaning of rekindling dreams, rekindling dreams has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of rekindling dreams for you below.

The divorced lover in the dream or the split lover reconciled again, indicating that your recent love life has not been very smooth, and you still have feelings for your ex-husband or boyfriend, so you are inclined to the former one.

Reconciling with her ex-boyfriend in the dream means that there is still a complex fantasy in her heart, but she will not show it when she is restrained by reason. When you cherish the person in front of you, I believe that real love will be better.

The single lady dreamed of her ex-boyfriend seeking reconciliation, which shows that she still has a stalemate about the emotional rift and has a knot that cannot be opened.

Married lady reconciles with her ex-boyfriend in her dream, which means that her emotions and mood have fluctuated greatly recently and she is not very satisfied with reality.

Kissing an ex-boyfriend in a dream indicates that he has not completely forgotten the pain of the past, and his heart is eager to care and care, and there is a lack of people to communicate with.

I am very happy to meet my ex-boyfriend in my dream, which shows that I still have expectations for this relationship.

I feel embarrassed when I meet my ex-boyfriend in my dream, which means that the current emotional situation makes you emotionally complex, and the choice is quite contradictory.