What is the meaning and symbolism of pouring fire with water in a dream?

The meaning of pouring fire dreams with water, pouring fire dreams with water has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreams pouring fire with water below for you.

If your home is on fire, you will have good luck.

If you pour fire with water in your dream, and if the fire is extinguished, you will lack food and clothing, or lose love.

When I poured water on the fire in my dream, my limbs were unfortunately burned, and soon I would have a high fever.

Trying to pour the fire with water in the dream without being burned by the fire means that you must work hard to manage your work well. And if you see the house turned to ashes after the fire is rescued, this is an unfortunate omen.

·The firefighter in the dream pours fire with water. This emotionally means that there may be uncontrollable variables in your love road, and there may be a third party. After the problem arises, you will not know how to deal with it, and your anger will be too. It will be difficult to calm down.

Dreaming of becoming a firefighter and pouring fire with water indicates the downward trend of money luck. At this time, don’t lend money to others, or you won’t get back. Don’t borrow money from others, because treasure may become a cause of conflict and anti-purpose.

A man’s bed catches fire in his dream, indicating that his wife will be sick.

The bed catches fire in the woman’s dream, indicating that her husband will be sick.

To escape from the fire in the dream indicates that he can overcome all difficulties and achieve success.