What is the meaning and symbol of being chased in a dream by others?

The meaning of being chased by others in dreams, being chased by others has realistic influences and reactions, and there are also subjective imaginations of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation below to help you sort out the dreams being chased by others.

Being chased in a dream: the pressure of real life or the inner scourge;

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: This kind of dream is usually caused by extreme worry or frustration in real life. To dream of being chased and running is a bad omen, which means that the dreamer wants to get rid of some kind of difficulty or pressure as much as possible, but is often unable to do so. In fact, when there is nothing to do, you can seek the help of others and use the power of others to help yourself through the difficulties.

Psychoanalysis: If the wife chases herself in the dream, life will be very happy, the husband and wife are in harmony and love is sweet. If your friend chases after yourself in your dream, your own difficulties will be difficult to overcome, and you will lose your friend’s help at a critical moment. Dreaming of an animal chasing after it may be unhappy because of the difficulties in work and life that cannot be solved. If you are chased by ghosts in your dreams, the dreamer will become notorious, and you may have mental problems due to the pressure of work and life. Dreaming of chasing others by oneself, all the current efforts are in vain, and it takes a lot of effort to achieve the goal. In the dream, I am chasing the opposite sex, and the dreamer is depressed because of being single, but there may be a person I want to appear.

Case analysis of being chased by others in dreams

Dream description: I don’t know why in the dream, I was chased by two very dark people. I fled and fled. Looking back, they were still behind me. When I finally got out of the car, they were shot with a pistol. At that moment, I woke up. (Female, 19 years old)

Dream analysis: Dreams of young women being chased by animals or strange men express their desire and anxiety about love and sex. On the one hand, you think that sex is terrifying, and on the other hand, you want to be conquered. It also symbolizes that your spirit is in fear. The person chasing you can also be said to be your own heart.

The dark man in your dream is the emotional side of your heart, so you can’t escape no matter what. It also symbolizes your heterosexuality. On the one hand, you want to escape, but on the other hand, you want people to chase you. This ambivalence is a normal portrayal of young women’s psychology.