What does foot massage mean and symbolize in dreams?

The meaning of reflexology dreams, foot reflexology Reflexology dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the reflexology reflexology dreams that help you organize below.

Foot reflexology and foot massage use massage to stimulate acupoints to detoxify the human body and promote the operation of various organs. It is a relatively new way of medical care. In dreams, reflexology and pedicure often represent the promotion of one’s own career and studies.

In my dream, I was performing pedicures on my elders, indicating that my family would be very harmonious and my career would be prosperous.

In my dream, I was receiving a foot massage, indicating that my career would do a lot.

Dreaming of giving foot therapy to others by myself indicates that I will work hard and get rich rewards.

In the dream pedicure, the body feels sleepy, take care of yourself. What you have to do because you have promised to others will annoy you. So don’t make an answer quickly, and give you some time to think about it!

Doing pedicure in a dream, a very fulfilling day! You are very practical recently, and you won’t be stunned by love. Don’t spend money randomly, today is a good time to implement financial planning. The work at hand enters the harvest stage and will have good results.