What does singing mean and symbolize in dreams?

The meaning of singing dreams, singing dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of singing dreams organized for you below.

The dream of singing reveals the secret desire of the dreamer to show his own ability or personality charm in front of everyone.

In the dream, you are singing loudly by yourself, implying that you have a desire to express yourself in front of everyone. In your heart, you are envious of those social stars, hoping to talk like them and attract everyone’s attention. But you are somewhat introverted and unconfident. When you act in front of others, you can’t help being cramped and often shrink back.

It is auspicious sign that someone else sings in the dream, and there will be good news soon.

In the dream, the two sang together, suggesting that the dreamer hopes to have a partner.

Singing with a friend in the dream means that you are healthy and happy.

When someone else sings in your dream, it indicates that you will receive good news.

The husband dreams that his wife sings, which means family harmony, happy life, and a happy mood.

Unmarried women sing loudly in their dreams, indicating that you will attend the wedding of relatives and friends, or that you will soon meet your sweetheart.

A married woman sings in her dream, indicating that she will be pregnant and have a child.

If the wife dreams that the husband sings, it also implies that she will be happy with her son.

The patient sings in his dream, indicating that the body is recovering.

When a businessman sings in his dream, he must beware of business depression and reduced income.

If you are singing in the dream. Everyone applauded for you, indicating that you hope that love will be recognized and supported by everyone.

Someone in the dream sings lamentations, indicating good health and unexpected good luck.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Singing is auspicious.

Psychoanalysis: The girl sings loudly in her dream and will be invited to the wedding of relatives and friends. The patient sings in his dream, suggesting that the disease that has plagued you for many days has finally been cured and the body will soon recover. If the wife sings in the dream, the family will be happy. Singing with friends in the dream is auspicious, which means that the dreamer is healthy.

Case analysis of walking in dreams

Dream description: Shooting MTV, I am afraid it will never be achieved in life. This wish can only be realized in a dream. In my dream, I was shooting MTV myself. I sang several songs. I felt very happy and excited. (Female, 20 years old)

Dream analysis: singing in the dream indicates happiness and luck. Listening to a singer singing in a dream indicates that you are in a good mood in the recent period and indicates that everything is going well for you. In your dream, you are singing, which shows that you are a happy person and good things will happen. Dreaming that someone else is singing indicates that you will meet a helpful friend.

Humming a small song like a dream means joy and happiness.

The duet in the dream is a symbol of happiness in the romantic life; the quartet in the dream is a symbol of friendship.