What is the meaning and symbol of shopping in the dream?

The meaning of shopping dreams. Dreaming about shopping has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about shopping below to help you sort out.

Dreaming about shopping means that life is comfortable, the economy is ample, and there is little money.

Dreaming about the process of choosing something to buy also symbolizes the choice and weighs the gains and losses. It may remind you to choose carefully in your work and life, or do not hesitate too much to miss great opportunities.

Dreaming that you are shopping in front of foreign trade counters or in luxury places such as imported specialty stores may also express your inner vanity.

Dreaming that you are shopping in local shopping malls, night markets, small commodity markets, etc., may indicate that you are actually not satisfied with your money.

Dreaming of shopping in a consignment bank or fashion store also implies that there may be twists and turns in your relationship. Maybe you have a good impression of others in your heart. Maybe you feel that your lover has a good impression of others and hope you can attract the attention of your sweetheart more.

To dream of shopping in a department store indicates that you will receive good news or unexpected surprises.

To dream of shopping with your mother and parents indicates that the dreamer is dependent, financially and consciously not enough, and it is difficult to bear the pressure alone.

Dreaming of shopping with your lover usually indicates that you will get the gift you are looking forward to.

But if Feng and his girlfriend buy consumer goods such as electrical appliances, televisions, and beds, they have obvious implications, suggesting that the relationship between you will develop further, and there is the possibility of living together or getting married.

To dream of shopping with your husband or wife indicates that your life is rich and comfortable, and your family is harmonious and warm.

To dream of shopping with friends means that the dreamer has many friends, and when you need help, you will get their support, live a happy life, and work smoothly.

Dreaming that you are shopping selectively implies that the dreamer is a sensible person, who is good at choosing carefully in life, judging the value, etc., and paying great attention to organization.

To dream that you are shopping spree, or spend money randomly, or sweep the street to buy a lot of things, you may be reminding the dreamer to pay attention to saving, otherwise you may soon face the “moonlight clan” situation of making ends meet, and you may also Others borrowed money to survive.

To dream of buying food in a supermarket indicates that you will have closer contacts with friends and relatives, have a harmonious relationship, and be busy for communication.

To dream of visiting a craft shop indicates that you will meet your sweetheart and fall in love.

Dreaming of shopping in a shoe store indicates that you may lose money or have debts but cannot get back.

Dreaming of looking for various books in a bookstore, health fortune declined. Suffering from unexplained fatigue, I can’t do anything to refresh myself. At this time, it is best to exercise in the wild.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of shopping is a good omen.

Psychological analysis: dreaming of shopping in a fashion store will cast a shadow over love. Although I am very happy with my lover, my heart is attracted by another opposite sex, which may eventually lead to a breakup. To dream of buying food in the supermarket will improve your interpersonal relationship, especially the contacts between friends will be closer, and visits and outings may become more frequent during holidays. Dreaming of buying this and that in a department store, although it is trivial, there may be small happy things, such as a letter from a friend who hasn’t seen each other for a long time, or a temporary allowance from my father, etc. You can spend a happy day. Dreaming of shopping in a craft store indicates good luck for the opposite sex. Within two months, it is bound to be close to the ideal opposite sex. Dreaming of shopping in a shoe store, money fortune declined. Lending the money to a friend, but the other party forgot about it completely, and was embarrassed to mention it to the other party, so he had to admit that he was unlucky. To dream of buying various books in a bookstore will decrease your health. You will be entangled in unexplained fatigue, and you will not be able to lift your energy when doing anything. At this time, it is best to go to the wild to exercise. When a woman dreams of buying property, her husband may become ill, so be careful.