What is the meaning and symbol of a picnic in a dream?

The meaning of picnic dreams. Dreaming of a picnic has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of a picnic below to help you sort out.

Dreaming of having a picnic in the countryside or in the countryside implies that you yearn for a simple and simple life.

A man dreams of participating in a picnic, indicating that he is healthy, energetic, comfortable in life, and financially ample.

A married woman dreams of participating in a picnic may cause conflicts with her husband’s family and be contemptuous of others.

A businessman dreams of participating in a picnic, and he must be vigilant in the near future, indicating that his business may suffer losses.

The patient dreamed of participating in a picnic, indicating that the body is about to recover.

Students dream of participating in a picnic, and they should pay special attention to studying recently and cannot relax, otherwise they may fail in the exam and frustrate their future.

The prisoner dreamed of a picnic, and the examiner achieved excellent results.

The soldier dreamed of going on a picnic, it was an ominous omen, and there was a possibility of desertion.

People with very regular lives have such dreams, and they also express their inner expectation to break the regularity occasionally, and the envy of colleagues who live free and easy around them.

If a cowardly person has such a dream, it may imply that the opportunity will be missed because you are not firm enough and hesitant. Seize opportunities confidently and in time.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: A picnic is not a formal meal. Those who are wrong are evil. Dreaming of a picnic is a bad omen.

Psychoanalysis: A man dreams of a picnic and may be sick. A woman dreams of a picnic, her husband’s family will increase in population. The patient dreamed of a picnic and might be bedridden, and died. The old man dreams of participating in a picnic is a good omen and will be healthy and refreshed. A businessman dreams of attending a picnic, his business may be frustrated. Students dream of participating in a picnic and often fail in exams, and their future may be affected. Dreaming that no one is attending a picnic, only oneself is eating and drinking, someone in the family may be seriously ill or die. Dreaming of getting picnic food presented by others will make you rich.

A case study of dreaming about a picnic

Dream description: A housewife dreamed of riding a bike with her husband and 10-year-old son to go on a picnic. During the break, they put the car down on the ground. At this time, a neighbor drove towards them frantically. The car stopped beside them. He got out of the car and laughed loudly. He put the food on the tablecloth of the housewife’s family, including beef sausage, small bread, kimchi, and boiled eggs. Then they happily ate together. After a few days, the housewife won a large bonus.

Dream analysis: In dreams, food and wealth are synonymous. In the dream of a picnic, it can be said that the latent desire is expressed in the form of food, representing the infinite desire for love, success, property and everything. Eating with the whole family and receiving food from neighbors will represent an unexpected wealth, just as the gift from neighbors is sudden. The dreamer eats with everyone. A crowded and lively meal is a sign of luck or that many people can get happiness. On the other hand, sharing the same food with others indicates that after gaining unexpected wealth, it is best to share it with others, so that happiness can be achieved.