The meaning and symbol of Spinning in dream

The meaning of spinning dreams. Dreaming about spinning has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation below to help you sort out the dream of spinning.

Dreaming that you are spinning means that you will be engaged in the business you desire.

Weaving, expressing that he will actively strive to create a hopeful life.

A businessman dreamed of weaving, indicating that he would get rich and his business would grow bigger and bigger.

The prisoner dreamed of weaving and would soon be released from prison.

An unmarried woman dreams of weaving, indicates that she can marry a man with a broad mind and a strong self-motivated, and jointly create a happy life in the future.

A textile worker dreams of weaving means that his income will drop sharply.

A married woman dreams of weaving, indicating that her husband’s physical status will be improved and her social status will rise.

An unmarried man dreams of weaving, indicates that he will marry a beautiful, kind, intelligent and capable woman as his wife.

If the accused dreamed of weaving, he would be sentenced to long-term imprisonment. Spinners have a long life.