The meaning and symbol of Dig a mountain in dream

The meaning of the dream of digging a mountain, dreaming of digging a mountain has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of digging a mountain below to help you sort out.

Yugong moves the mountain is one of the ancient Han folklore in my country. Dreaming that you move the mountain like a Yugong indicates that you are a person with perseverance and hardship.

Dreaming of digging a mountain indicates that you have a good spirit of enduring hardship and patience recently. I want to change the current situation of life, but suffer from no good way.

Dreaming of digging means that you will gain something soon.

Dreaming that you are buried in the ground indicates that you will have a fortune.

To dream of digging in the soil means that you will get good children. If you dig the soil and fill it up in your dream, it means that you will recover your investment; if you are buried in the soil, it means you will be There is a sum of money income.

To dream of digging with a shovel indicates that friends may be divided. A group of friends who were originally united may split into two. The most important thing at this time is your attitude. You must try to make everyone get along.

To dream of digging the soil in the courtyard means that your current behavior or method of doing things is wrong or inappropriate, and you must correct it quickly.