The meaning and symbol of Promotion in dream

The meaning of the promotion dream, the dream of promotion has realistic effects and reactions, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of promotion below to help you sort out.

Official position is a symbol of power since ancient times. In the dream, being an official symbolizes his desire for power. But often behind this strong desire is a symbol of being angry and scolded.

To dream of being an official indicates that you will work hard and eventually achieve your own career.

To dream of being an official and giving orders to others indicates that you will be oppressed and excluded everywhere.

To dream of being an official and coaching others indicates that you will be scolded and angry, but with your own efforts you can get the recognition of others and get promoted.

To dream of being promoted indicates that you will start your own career soon and have good results.

Dreaming of promotion and promotion means that in the dream, the representative obtains and promotes and obtains material or spiritual rewards.

Dreaming of a promotion, a good omen, indicates that there will be good news.

Property for promotion. It means that when you find a job or get promoted, you will get a windfall.

Dreaming of your wife being promoted indicates that the married life will be harmonious and happy.