The meaning and symbol of Machine Mahjong in dream

The meaning of the dream of machine mahjong, the dream of machine mahjong has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of machine mahjong below to help you sort out.

Mahjong was originally a gambling and entertainment activity. In the dream, the machine mahjong is a symbol of laziness and playfulness.

To dream of selling machine mahjong indicates that you will have a very prosperous career.

To dream of buying machine mahjong indicates that there will be conflicts in your home.

To dream of using machine mahjong means that you will be disgusted by people.

Dreaming of playing mahjong indicates that you are currently upset in your heart. Perhaps there are many things that upset you in your current life.

Dreaming that you have won mahjong, indicates that you should not waste time on useless work, and you should relocate and set goals.

Dreaming of losing in playing mahjong indicates that you will have disputes in the latest stage, so be more cautious.

To dream of losing money by playing mahjong indicates that your fortune will increase, a small errand will also have a high income, and this kind of lucky thing will happen constantly, and your pocket will always be full.