The meaning and symbol of painting in dream

The meaning of painting dreams. Dreaming about painting has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream painting below to help you sort out.

To dream of others taking a portrait of yourself reminds you to put an end to all kinds of bad habits and immoral behaviors, otherwise your life may eventually be destroyed by your own bad habits.

To dream of drawing a picture for your wife or lover indicates that your husband and wife are loving, or have deep feelings, and live a sweet and happy life.

To dream of drawing pictures for your friends indicates that you have a deep friendship between you and you will get help from your friends in difficult times.

To dream of being a model for a painter indicates that you will be promoted or increase in income.

To dream of a portrait of yourself indicates that you will start with a very eye-catching glory and enter a new situation.

To dream that you live by painting for others implies that you will encounter setbacks, suffer losses, and go through a trough.

Dreaming that you or others are painting your enemy’s portrait indicates that you will have a fierce quarrel or conflict with your opponent.

Unemployed people dream of painting, which indicates that you will find a good job that you want.

To dream of yourself or others painting beautiful natural scenery such as forests and gardens indicates that you will be famous and enjoy the elegant life that follows.

To dream that you want to participate in an art exhibition and paint for it indicates that you will achieve good results in the competition or competition you want to participate in.

Original version

The painting of birds and beasts is the master. “”

Give people a portrait and gain a reputation. “”

Dream painting. The dreamer paints the shape for himself, the ruler, the ruler and the minister get together, and the friend gets on a blind date. The sick dream is ominous. Like those who paint other things, things are the image of emptiness and reality. The person who dreams of painting the shape of a person is unlucky. Those who dream of being a painter, the mastermind fails, and the work is never finished. For those who dream of painting the appearance of six relatives, the master’s family is mournful. “Menglin Xuanjie”

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: In a waking state, people tend to ignore their creative talents. Dreaming of yourself painting shows that you have neglected a certain aspect of your talent. Watching the paintings in a dream means to evoke the thoughts and opinions that have been in the mind for a long time. Dreaming of yourself coloring a painting actually reflects the changes in your thoughts and feelings.

Psychoanalysis: Painting is a way of self-expression, so what and how a person paints in his dream is very important. Deliberately drawing objects small reflects your inner loneliness. On the contrary, it shows that he has a long-term vision and the ability to survey the whole situation. The color of the picture in the dream also contains a very important meaning (dream color).

Spiritual symbol: The painting in your dream expresses your ideals.

A case study of dreaming about painting

Dream description: I am a layman for painting, but I like paintings with bright colors. Once I dreamed that I saw a colorful painting in a studio. I liked it very much, so I bought it. (Male, 34 years old)

Dream analysis: The painting in the dream means smoothness and hard work. The dream of painting is a way to express your inner thoughts and emotions. Dreaming of a colorful painting indicates that your career will go smoothly. Dreaming of a painting with dim colors indicates that you are still some distance away from success. Dreaming of a sketch is a symbol of friends and emotions. Dreaming of oil painting is a symbol of happiness and warmth. Dreaming of paintings represents vitality and love. Dreaming of comics means frustration in love.