The meaning and symbol of shovel in dream

The meaning of the shovel dream, the dream of the shovel has the influence and reaction of reality, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the shovel below to help you sort out.  

   The shovel in the dream symbolizes a tool to help oneself achieve one’s goals, and implies that he is busy with work recently.

   Dreaming of a small shovel used for shoveling soil in the garden implies that the dreamer is doing business and paying attention to life and work.

   To dream of shoveling fertilizer indicates that I will live a colorful life.

   To dream of shoveling sand indicates that there will be a stressful and exhausting experience.

   Dreaming of a worn and damaged shovel indicates that something you hope will be hit hard.

   To dream of a large shovel or shovel used for shoveling coal, etc., means that the dreamer usually works carefully and cautiously. It also implies that dreamers need to work cautiously to get results.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

   Dream interpretation: The shovel in the dream symbolizes the necessity of digging new knowledge from past experience. Maybe you have to uncover a happy or sad thing in the past, or a rewarding experience. The characteristics of shovel and shovel are important. The shovel used for hoeing in the garden implies that you are a pragmatist, while the coal shovel implies that you must work carefully.

  Psychoanalysis: The shovel is regarded as a tool for self-analysis in dreams, so what to shovel with it is very important. You must consider the content of your life. If you shovel fertilizer, it means you are thinking carefully about the sum and colorful aspects of life. If you shovel sand, it implies that you have a stressful experience.

   Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the shovel in the dream is a useful tool for prompting correct cognition.