The meaning and symbol of National flag in dream

The meaning of the national flag dream, dreaming of the national flag has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming of the national flag below to help you organize.

Dreaming of half of the national flag means that you will encounter difficulties.

The prisoner will be released early if he dreams of the national flag.

A case study of dreaming about the national flag

Dream description: I dreamt again that I returned to the time when I was studying abroad. During the National Day, our international students gathered under the national flag and were extremely excited. (Male, 34 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of the national flag represents the success of social activities and careers. Dreaming of your country’s national flag fluttering in the wind indicates an increase in social activities. Dreaming of raising the flag means that your wealth will grow.

Dreaming of the national flag means that many masters have repression in their hearts, and the things you suppress and the long-term thinking have gone beyond your own thinking. You must not have too many extreme ideas.

A single woman dreams of a national flag. Many masters desire to get famous offspring or men with good financial situation in their feelings. They like this dream. Many masters your realism, pursue each other’s material conditions in the relationship, and ignore whether two people are true How fit and love each other. Those who get this dream will go well for summer dreamers, but not for winter dreamers.

Married women who have this dream will have good luck in peach blossom luck, but it belongs to the relationship between the extramarital relationship and the husband. There will be worse things in your relationship.

Single men have this dream, the Lord will have obvious good luck in your career, and your good luck in your career is also the greatest help others have to you, and your family’s planning for your career should be followed. You can’t just stick to your own opinions and ignore others in your career.