The meaning and symbol of With knife in dream

The meaning of the dream with a knife, dreaming that the knife has a realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream with the knife organized for you below.  

   Dreaming about going out or walking with a sword means that he is rich.

   Dreaming of a woman carrying a knife is a lucky dream. It means that your husband and wife have deep feelings, and the family life is peaceful and happy.

Dreaming about a woman or a girl you know has a knife around her waist, or dreaming that a sword is hidden under the bed of your home, this is a lucky dream, indicating that your husband and wife have a deep relationship and a peaceful and happy family life .

   Dreaming about holding a knife, if you simply hold the knife, it reflects that the dreamer has a sense of insecurity and alertness;

   Dream that you committed suicide with a knife or some kind of weapon, or chopped yourself all the time, the blood bleeds out, but there is no feeling of fear or pain. This is a lucky dream, indicating that your good luck is coming soon;

   Dreaming about cutting people with a knife means that your wallet will be lost. If you can break a little fortune, your future work and life will be more smooth. It is called the “breaking money and eliminating disasters, safe and sound;

   dreamed that the enemy hacked and killed others with a razor, and said that he would get a reward from his friend;

   Dreaming about killing your friend with a knife, you will get help from your friend at a critical moment;

   Dreaming about killing with a knife is usually seen in the dreams of young men, and the scenes of the dream scenes are likely to be related to the violent movies you have seen before, making your dreams look particularly real;

   Dreaming about cutting someone with a knife means that the dreamer has a violent tendency or desire to vent. In fact, it also implies that the dreamer has a very strong sense of defense and does not allow others to bully you. You can also see that you have a deep grievance in your heart. This may be that the troublesome things are piled up together, so that you can’t stretch, and I want to find a chance to vent, so the dream has mapped everything out;

  Dreaming that someone cuts themselves with a knife means fearing that others will use violence against them.