The meaning and symbol of salary in dream

The meaning of salary dreams, dreaming about salary has realistic effects and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dream salary for you to organize below.  

  Dream salary, for those who are engaged in a new career, the joy of giving birth to unexpected will come to them.

   Dreaming of paying a salary means that although you are dissatisfied with reality, you always make yourself uncomfortable.

   Dreaming of a reduction in your salary indicates that you will be violated.

   Dreaming of an increase in salary indicates that you will get a generous return regardless of your career.

   Dreaming about salary, indicating that you will encounter many difficulties in work, the boss will also bring you a lot of trouble, and must pay close attention to work, otherwise it may reduce the level.

   Dreaming about getting a salary means you have a strong ability to work in life.

   dreamed of receiving salary, money transportation fell, at this time, do not lend money to others, or you will come back. Don’t borrow money from others, it may become the reason for the anti-objective dispute.

  I wished to get a salary increase in my dream, indicating that the dreamer can’t be complacent and must work harder, otherwise it may reduce the level.

   dreamed that he had just received his salary but was blown away by the wind, indicating that the people around you will have good luck.