The meaning and symbol of treasure in dream

The meaning of Treasure Dreams, dreaming about treasures has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming treasures for you to organize below.

   Dreaming about gems is a symbol of auspicious wishfulness and gain.

   If you dream of a colorless gemstone, it implies that a boy will be born, otherwise, a girl will be born.

   If you dream of glittering gemstones, you will make a fortune.

   Dreaming about buying gems means that one’s own calculations may be robbed.

  The woman dreams of gemstones, it is auspicious.

  The man dreams of gemstones and will be doomed.

  The man dreamed of buying gems and his property would be robbed by bandits.

  The woman dreamed of wearing gemstone jewelry and her mother’s family would hold a wedding.

  The thief robber dreams of gemstone jewelry and will be imprisoned.

   Men dream of losing gems, which means that the disaster will go away from them.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream description: The treasures in the dream represent important contents for the dreamer. Jumbo represents the results and success of personal efforts. Finding buried treasures means rediscovering lost content, which may be part of your character. Buried Treasure says to arm itself against the future and the problems to be solved.

   Psychoanalysis: If the dreamer finds a treasure, he knows that if he wants to succeed in exploration, he must cross the prerequisites that limit him. Looking for treasure symbolizes the discovery of world wealth or material benefits that do not necessarily bring benefits.

  Spiritual symbol: dreaming about treasures, spiritually symbolizing the longing of humanity for big enlightenment or the legendary holy grail.