The meaning and symbol of pearl in dream

The meaning of pearl dreams, dreaming of pearls has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming pearls for you to sort out below.

Dreaming about pearls, sometimes foreshadows the loss of money. On the other hand, it is also possible to express a yearning for spiritual purity.

Men dream of pearls, which indicates a decrease in income and business failure.

Women dream of pearls, indicating that jewelry may be lost. Be careful in the near future.

Bankers dreamed of pearls, heralding an improvement in the economy and starting to improve and want to make a fortune.

The employee dreamed that he would buy pearls, which indicated that he would be promoted.

The unemployed dreamed that he had lost the pearl and would soon find a job.

Men dream of wearing pearl necklaces, suggesting economic embarrassment, wives and daughters will suffer, and worry about life.

Dreaming about giving his wife Pearl, heralds deep feelings and family harmony.

But dreaming about how pearls are wrapped in shells, or stringing pearls into necklaces on a woman ’s naked neck, usually has a distinctive sexual meaning.

The woman dreamed of giving her husband Pearl, which heralds that her husband will face a financial crisis, business failure, or even on the verge of bankruptcy, inner pain, and needs wife support.

I dreamed of giving pearls to my friends, saying that the interpersonal relationship was smooth and would be famous.

Dreaming about giving your opponent a pearl indicates that you will defeat your opponent and he will succumb to you.

Dreamed that the pearl was lost, or the pearl chain was broken, indicating that you will be unlucky and suffer setbacks.

Dreamed that the pearl was recovered, or the broken chain was re-stringed, which indicates that the loss will be reduced and the situation will be recovered.

Dreamed that the robber robbed his own pearls, indicating that you will get an unexpected harvest and may inherit the property.

Psychological dream interpretation

Interpretation of Dream: Pearls symbolize the passage of time in dreams. The broken pearl indicates a failed plan.

Psychological analysis: Pearl symbolizes people’s pursuit of perfection, it symbolizes the principle and purity of female chastity, in addition to the moon and water. In addition, it also expresses the endless sorrow in your heart.

Spiritual symbol: From the spiritual level, the pearl in your dream symbolizes some unremarkable but important experience on your development path.

Case analysis of dreaming about pearls

【Dream example 1】

Dream description: I don’t like gold and silver jewelry, I prefer jade and pearl. In my dream, I was going to buy a pearl necklace, so I went to the arts and crafts department of the mall to see it. At this time, I found that a pearl necklace was very beautiful, and the effect was very good, so I bought it. (Female, 32 years old)

Dream analysis: The pearl in the dream represents ascension and love. Pearl’s dream is a very auspicious dream, heralding the growth of social status and wealth. Dreaming about buying pearls shows that your status will be improved in the near future. Dreaming about giving pearls to friends shows that you will be famous. Dreaming about sending pearls to his wife indicates that their love will be deeper.

【Dream example 2】

Dream description: One person had a very strange dream one night. He dreamed of fishing with a friend, but his friend stood beside him, and only this person was fishing. He saw the line moving violently and caught it. The fish caught was a gorgeous, pearly fish. The fish is relatively large, white, not ordinary fish, and has very poor eyes.

Analysis of dreams: It is a good thing for people to dream about fish, so-called more than every year, not to mention that this fish is still full of pearls, and pearls are a symbol of wealth. However, it is a pity that the dreamer saw its poor eyes. Perhaps, if you want to get wealth, the dreamer will betray something. Therefore, in fact, the dreamer has been in a dilemma recently and must make careful decisions.