The meaning and symbol of patch in dream

The meaning of patch dreams. Dreaming about patches has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming patches organized below for you.

Dream about patched clothes. It indicates good luck and a comfortable and prosperous life.

But dreaming that others repair their eyes, they will be doomed.

Businessmen dream of patched clothes, or make up their own clothes, all indicate a prosperous business and will make a fortune.

Dreamed of repairing the enemy’s clothes. Use your ingenuity to wipe them out completely and cleanly.

Dreamed of repairing his pants, his income would drop sharply.

Dreaming about patching his sheets, love will go smoothly.

Dreamed of having a patch on your clothes, indicating that when some of your obligations are waived, you will not look proud.

Dreamed that others were wearing patched clothes, foreshadowing that poor and destitute life was approaching.

The young woman dreamed of finding a patch on her new dress, foreshadowing the happiest moment to come, but suddenly encountered trouble.

If you dream that you want to cover up the patch, it indicates that she will try to cover up the shortcomings in her personality, so that her boyfriend will not find out.

Dreaming of being patched indicates that the dreamer will have to bear annoying responsibilities.

Case analysis of dreaming about new clothes patching

I bought a beautiful dress and put it on. I felt like a princess in my dream. I returned home happily and found that there was a big patch on the dress. (Female, 20 years old)

Analysis of dreams: dreaming that others are wearing patched clothes, heralding the approach of poverty and shortage. Young women find a patch on their new dresses, which indicates that they will be in trouble when they are happy.

If you try to hide the patch, it indicates that you will work hard to cover up the ugly side of your personality with your lover.

Dream that you are patching, indicating that you will be forced to admit that you do not like the responsibility.

For women, dreaming of doing needlework, heralds a close and harmonious family.