The meaning and symbol of lantern in dream

The meaning of lantern dreams. Dreaming about lanterns has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming lanterns for you.

Lanterns, on the one hand, symbolize the hope of overcoming difficulties; on the other hand, dreaming of red lanterns may also have a sexual meaning.

Dreamed that he was wearing a lantern, indicating that he would overcome difficulties through his own efforts.

Dreaming about hanging lanterns indicates that there will be good things.

Dreaming of an extinguished lantern, or a lantern blown out by the wind, indicates that misfortune will be encountered.

Dreaming of the scene where the light of the lantern shines through the paper symbolizes that although there are many difficulties, it will eventually overcome the difficulties, get out of the predicament and achieve the goal.

Dreamed that the woman came to her with a lantern, indicating that the difficulties and troubles encountered in the family will be resolved smoothly, and the life is rich and comfortable.

Married men and women dream of a red lantern hanging high, to remind you not to be derailed.