The meaning and symbol of Sea cruise in dream

The meaning of the dream of sailing on the sea, dreaming of the impact and reaction of the ship on the sea, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of sailing on the sea.

It is difficult to sail on Erhai Lake.

The vastness of the ocean means that life is a sea of endless suffering.

I dreamed that sailing on the sea meant a lot of difficulties. I should abandon illusions and be prepared for long-term efforts.

I dreamed that my friend was going up on a steamboat. New friends will be added constantly, and a lot of knowledge will be gained from friends.

I dreamed of a broken mast, which meant that disaster was imminent, and we should try to avoid it.

I dreamed that the sunken ship was an auspicious sign, meaning that all difficulties would be overcome.