The meaning and symbol of Various flowers in dream

The meaning of various flowers blooming, dreaming of various flowers blooming has a realistic impact and response, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreams of various flowers blooming organized for you below.

I dreamed that chrysanthemums were blooming, and money would be very good. At this time, I simply asked my mother to increase pocket money!

I dreamed that the branches of cherry blossoms were broken, and there was a shadow in health. The possibility of injury is extremely high. If you like playing basketball or roller skating, you have to be extra careful.

I dreamed that the roses would bloom, and my rivals would appear. Whether it will become a triangle love depends on how your means show courage and struggle, and the goddess of victory will smile at you.

I dreamed that the hydrangea bloomed and the opposite sex declined. The person who has a crush on his love, because his father’s work has withered away, and how lonely your heart will be at this time! To mention the spirit, Prince Charming will appear again.

I dreamed that the cherry blossoms were blown down by the wind, and love luck rose. You can look forward to a happy date. It is best to watch movies, listen to songs, and attend concerts together. But dating costs must each be borne in half because there is a danger of disputes over money.

I dreamed that the sunflowers were full, and elections were particularly good. You can run for class representatives or the chairman of the student union to ensure that you will be elected with a high vote.

I dreamed that cherry blossoms were in full bloom, and that my friends might be alienated. The best friends are in love with other people. Because they are busy dating, they can’t make time to contact you. The relationship between the two gradually became distant

I dreamed that plum blossoms bloomed, and the overall fortune was advancing. When you encounter good things and secretly gratify yourself, something suddenly disappoints you. At this time, it is best to be down-to-earth and not speculative.

I dreamed of cauliflower everywhere, and my brothers had great luck. There will be no quarrel for six months, so parents can get bonuses. Why not do it?

I dreamed that camellia blooms, and love will continue to develop. The hearts of the two will be very close, and they must meet every day. The only thing that is worrying is that it may ruin your studies.

I dreamed that morning glory bloomed, and in love, fortune tended to improve. At this time, it’s best to watch some literary works, not just comic books.