The meaning and symbol of root in dream

The meaning of the root dream, the dream root has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream root that helps you organize it below.

Whether it is the root of a tree or a flower, the root of dreams reminds you to make yourself stronger in order to defeat your opponent.

I dreamed of the roots of plants or trees. Predict misfortune, such as career or health will go downhill. Make yourself stronger to defeat your opponents.

I dreamed of using the roots of plants to make medicine, and warned you to watch out for diseases or things that make you sad.

Men dream of tree roots, saying that their career is not stable, and they should redouble their efforts.

Women dream of tree roots, showing that they have wisdom and ideals and can start from scratch.

A man dreams that the stem (such as radish) that he eats is a good sign, which means happiness and wealth.

Married woman dreamed of eating stems and had children.

I dreamed of eating stems, and the guests had to come to the door.

I dreamed of stalks that could not be eaten, and sorrow would pass.

I dreamed of chewing the roots of the tree, and I would live longer than Nanshan and my grandchildren.

I dreamed of cutting down the roots of a tree, and disaster would come from the enemy.