What is the meaning and symbol of the relationship between the opposite sex of the same generation in the dream?

The meaning of the dreams of the opposite sex of the same generation, the dreams of the opposite sex of the same generation have realistic influence and reaction, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreams of the opposite sex of the same generation to help you organize.

Dreaming of being nice to the opposite sex of your neighbors and peers indicates that you have a good vision of love, or that you have developed an admiration for someone, and since this dream, your love may really have new progress .

Dreaming of being in love with neighbors of the opposite sex of the same generation indicates that love will have a new situation. It means that you have a good longing for love and will definitely have love for someone.

Holding hands with the opposite sex in a dream is a hint that a new relationship is about to come. In the near future, you will meet the object you like, and the two are about to compose a love song together.

In the dream, the friend and the opposite sex are very good, which means that the love luck will be stagnant. Always at odds with lover, twists and turns. Choosing a place to drink coffee is also arguing.

When neighbors appear in the dream, there may be a danger of burns and scalds, so be careful. And if a girl dreams of a neighbor’s peer boy appearing, it implies that the girl has a longing for feelings and is looking forward to the arrival of Prince Charming.

Being courteous to the opposite sex in the dream means that although you follow the rules in your words and deeds, your heart is unruly. Sometimes you will feel sad because you are not free and easy, but you don’t have to be sad because of this, at least you have gained a good reputation.