What is the meaning and symbol of the marriage of female colleagues in the dream?

The meaning of the dream of a female colleague’s marriage. The dream of a female colleague’s marriage has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the female colleague’s marriage dream for you.

Dreaming of a female colleague getting married indicates that she is also very eager to get married.

In the dream, the female colleague married herself, indicating that she has been fond of this female colleague for a long time, but may not dare to confess, or has been rejected.

In the dream, the enemy married a female colleague, indicating that relevant information may have been stolen at work and wanted revenge.

By watching other people’s wedding ceremonies in your dreams, good luck will come to your family. The promotion of the father, the recovery of the mother’s illness, or the passing of the brother’s exam, etc. are all expected. You can live in peace for a while.

The dream of someone getting married implies that the dreamer has fortune, and may get unexpected gains or get a promotion, and a bright future.

A case analysis of the marriage of a female colleague in the dream

Case 1

Dream description: What does it mean to marry a female colleague in a dream?

Dream analysis: may have been criticized by leaders or elders recently. Because I was criticized and had no intentions, I sought harmony. So at night dreaming of marrying a colleague as his wife. It represents a kind of wish, hoping that the position of the colleague’s superiors is consistent with one’s own, so dreams are induced. Your fortune is very good, especially your lover is a very blessed woman. She can bring you wealth. Cherish her! It doesn’t matter if you derail in your dreams, don’t derail in real life.

Case 2

Dream description: There are many people and chaos in a big banquet in the dream. At this banquet, I held a wedding with a female colleague that I had not contacted a long time ago. Her fiance is a tall and thin man. I don’t know my fiancé in reality. It looks a bit like a high school classmate of mine. He has a mild temper and a good family background. In my dream, I have known each other for a while, and it seems that I saw him for the first time at a wedding. What is certain is that I am a flash marriage, and my parents did not know that the other parent was on the scene. I thought at the time that I would tell my parents that I was married after the wedding. . . Then I didn’t have any makeup, so I ran to the bathroom and drew an eyeliner. Then I went out to answer the phone, and when I ran back, I was meeting my colleague’s fiance propose to her, she agreed, everyone was booing, I knew it was my turn (seems like the process in my dream is to propose marriage in casual clothes. Change clothes and hold the wedding immediately after success). Then the alarm clock rang.

The whole dream is very warm, and I feel very stable and solid in my heart. (Gender: Female Age: 25 Occupation: Translation, Jet Lag)

Life details related to dreams: 1. This female colleague had an internship together two years ago, and was later assigned to a different overseas project and no longer contacted. 2. I just remembered that I watched a TV show yesterday about a wedding in a mountainous area. I watched it for less than a minute. 3. The sleep has been poor recently, I slept well last night, and I slept till dawn. In reality, I don’t really want to get married.

Dream Analysis: Are you waiting for someone in your heart? There is a contrast in this dream. On the one hand, there is the chaos before the wedding, which corresponds to the cumbersome chores in your life. On the other hand, there is a sense of stability in marriage. Friends from far away and classmates in the past portray a stable relationship that can always exist.

This kind of stability is not like a virtual scene. Although it is certain that the object is not your high school classmates, this certain sense of belonging is not a simple daydream, but a certain degree of certainty to an object, and there are some concerns. feel. This object has a single heart towards you, and you don’t doubt his stability. It is also possible that you have been well protected in your past relationship experience. If you don’t guess too far, this dream is to use warm and stable friendship to dispel the complicated affairs of real life.