What is the meaning and symbolism of picking earwax from others in dreams?

The meaning of digging earwax dreams for others, digging earwax dreams for others has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation below to help you sort out the earwax dreams for others.

Picking up earwax for others in your dream indicates that he (she) is the person you subconsciously want to help. In the dream, you help him (her) with hard work and not too dirty, enough to show your sincerity to him (her); In real life, he (she) may be someone you want to be true to each other, or someone who is separated but wants to reconcile. In short, if you are willing, your relationship will develop for the better.

If you have feelings of disgust in your dreams, maybe this person is currently in a stage where there is a mess that you need to deal with. In fact, you are dissatisfied. If so, it depends on whether the person is worth it.

In the dream, I asked others to dig out my ears, indicating that I would get good news.

Picking up earwax from others in your dreams will make people praise you and get promoted.