What is the meaning and symbol of touching the blind in the dream?

The meaning of Touching the Blind Dream, Touching the Blind Dream has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of Touching the Blind Dream below for you.

Playing the blind (game) in your dream means that you will engage in a weak career. In addition to losing money, this will likely make you humiliated.

It appears in your dream that you are playing games with others, or playing games with children, such as eagle catching chicks, etc. It indicates that although your experience is okay, it is far from enough. You will work harder to expand your social circle.

Dreaming that you are playing peekaboo with others indicates that you will do something worthless, and these will cause your money loss, at the same time it will make you lose face and let others insult you.

Dreaming of shooting, killing and other games means that you are lucky at work, but you seem very selfish.

People who are fatter jump rope in their dreams, indicating that they are losing weight.

People with poor physical fitness dream of skipping rope, indicating that they want to strengthen their fitness, otherwise they will have minor illnesses recently.