What Do Big appetite Symbolize in Dreams and How to Interpret the Meaning

Dreaming of a person with a large amount of food, disaster will come.

Dreaming that I have become a rice bucket is a good sign and is destined to be rich.

Men dream that they can eat rice buckets, and that fate is destined to be rich, meaning that you can properly handle more wealth and let them play their due value;

A woman dreams that she can eat a rice bucket, meaning that you can bear the pain of childbirth, you will be pregnant, give birth to a boy, because the boy is born and raised more hard;

The girl dreams that she can eat rice, which means that you are very good at mouth, can manage a lot of money properly, have a good family, and therefore will be married to wealthy men.

The patient dreams that he is a rice bucket, indicating that your condition will be aggravated and will be bedridden.

The old man dreamed that he had eaten a lot and wanted to return to the West.