The meaning and symbol of windlass in dream

The meaning of the dream of the wheel’s wheel, the dream of the wheel’s wheel has a realistic influence and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dream of the wheel’s wheel below to help you organize it.

Wheel wheel is a lifting device for extracting well water. The mast is erected on the well, and a shaft that can be swung by a handle is installed on the shaft, a rope is wound on the shaft, and one end of the rope is tied to a bucket. Rotate the handle to make the bucket fall together to extract the well water.

Dreaming of a car wheel shows a shadow in the opposite sex. Sending a letter to the person you like is like a stone sinking; on the phone, his family replied: “He’s out!” I am afraid this love will be difficult to succeed.

A man dreams of the wheels of the wheels, he can be lucky.

When a woman dreams of a car wheel, her parents will call herself back to her natal home.

Asking scholars to dream of Che Yunlu means poor test results.

An unmarried person dreams of a chariot. Recently, he will fail with impatience in love, and succeed with perseverance.

To dream of the car wheel falling off means that the couple is parting.

To dream of drawing water from a well will become someone’s right-hand man.

When a woman dreams of fetching water, she will be praised by neighboring women in the neighborhood.

A businessman dreams of drawing water will become a well-known philanthropist and benevolent family.

Dreaming of jumping a well is an auspicious sign. You will get help from others in times of crisis.

Dreaming that someone jumped into a well would be dangerous.

Tourists dream of passing by the well, there will be disasters during the journey.