The meaning and symbol of Fireball in dream

The meaning of fireball dream, dreaming of fireball has realistic influence and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about fireball below to help you organize.   

   Fireball is the aggregation of energy. Dreaming about fireball usually means that your mental energy is concentrated in one place.

   To dream of a fireball flying in the air indicates a very keen intuition. You can guess the test questions accurately and you will have unexpectedly good results.

   Students dream of a fireball, it is easy to get academic exams or sports scores.

   Staff dreaming of fireball is a good time to delve into something.

   A woman dreams of a fireball and can be highly coordinated with her husband in sexual life, which is a good opportunity to enhance the relationship.

A case study of dreaming of a fireball

  Dream description: Dreaming that a fireball fell from the sky and exploded. I ran around. What did the dream reflect?

  Dream description: dreaming of a fireball flying in the air indicates that you have a very keen intuition. The explosion means you have amazing explosive power, and you will achieve unexpected good results!