The meaning and symbol of cage in dream

The meaning of cage dreams, dreaming of cages has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming cages below to help you organize.  

   Dreaming of a cage, similar to a prison, symbolizes thoughts, concepts, authority, and the bondage of elders. It also expresses the frustration of life, marriage, work and career, and implies that you are eager to break free from bondage.

   If you dream of a cage full of birds. You will be a blessed person with countless wealth and many beautiful and lovely children. If you dream that there is only one bird in the cage, you will be engaged to a rich man who agrees. If there is no raven in the cage, it means that a family member will leave due to death or absconding.

   To dream of a beast in a cage indicates that you will defeat the enemy and the misfortune of fate. If you are in a cage with a wild beast, it means a tragic scene caused by a traffic accident during your trip.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

   Dream interpretation: Cages, traps and prisons have similar meanings in dreams. Dreaming of a wild beast trapped in an iron cage indicates that you have to suppress your wild instincts. To dream of being locked up in a cage indicates that you have suffered some setbacks. He is trapped by past failures and cannot escape.

  Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of the iron cage is a warning to you, which means that you have over-repressed your potential. In addition, this type of dream also means that you have too much restriction on others.

   Spiritual symbol: The cage symbolizes religion or belief on a spiritual level.