The meaning and symbol of Convex lens in dream

The meaning of the convex lens dream, the dream of convex lens has the influence and reaction of reality, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of convex lens to help you sort out below.

  Dreaming about convex lens is to warn you that someone with wrong intentions tempts you to indulge in a certain unhealthy entertainment activity and makes you spend a lot of money.

  A young woman dreams of a convex lens means that she blindly obeys the opinions of others, thus squandering a lot of her own wealth.

   Dreaming that you are holding a telescope indicates that the fairy is not the best time for you to fall in love, nor is it the best time for you to do business. It will naturally change in the near future.

   To dream that you are looking at the Milky Way or the stars with a telescope indicates that you will definitely get great pleasure from traveling, but after traveling, you will find that you have spent too much money.

   To dream that you have a broken telescope or that the telescope is no longer usable. This means that something unexpected has happened to you.

   Dreaming of a magnifying glass indicates that you are a very optimistic and generous person.

   A man dreams of a magnifying glass indicates that your lofty ambition will gradually be realized.

   Women dream of a magnifying glass, which means that your expectations are relatively high.