The meaning and symbol of drug in dream

The meaning of medicine dreams, dreaming of medicines has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming medicines to help you sort out below.  

  The purpose of medicine is to treat diseases. To dream of taking medicine means to be afraid of disease and may be approached by disease. On the other hand, it costs money to take medicine, which means losing property.

   To dream of taking medicine means poverty. You should be careful when you spend your money where you shouldn’t spend it.

   To dream of selling medicine means that you will be tortured by the disease if you are in contact with patients and diseases all the time. You need to seriously reflect on whether your lifestyle needs to be changed.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: medicines indicate disease.

   Psychological analysis: Dreaming about medicines reminds the dreamer to pay attention to his physical health and maintain a good schedule.

Case analysis of dreaming about medicines

  Dream description: I personally think that prevention should be the main focus of disease. Pay more attention to exercise to prevent you from getting sick. I rarely get sick and rarely take medicine. However, once I dreamt that I had bought a lot of medicines, but I would never do this in my life. (Female, 34 years old)

  Dream analysis: The medicine in the dream reminds you to pay attention to your health. Dreaming of taking medicine in your dream implies that you will be in trouble, but you will soon turn from danger to peace. To dream of others taking medicine is to remind you to pay attention to your health. To dream that you are taking medicine to your friend indicates that you may harm your friend inadvertently.