The meaning and symbol of manger in dream

The meaning of the dream of food trough, the dream of food trough has realistic effects and reactions, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream trough below to help you organize.   

  Feeding trough refers to an appliance for storing feed when feeding animals.

   Dreaming of a trough full of forage can make a lot of money.

   dreamed that I was lying in the trough, the enemy’s day would be worse than each day.

   The girl dreams of the food trough, she will marry a landlord.

   The businessman dreamed of a trough full of forage, indicating that the business is prosperous, the wealth is abundant, and the profits are abundant.

   The farmer dreams of a trough full of forage, and the crop will have an unprecedented harvest.

  The craftsman dreams of a trough full of forages indicates that he will get rich returns and increase income.

   To dream of buying a new trough indicates that the business is pulling hook, the business is prosperous, and the economy is ample.