The meaning and symbol of sand in dream

The meaning of sand dreams. Dreaming about sand has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the dreamer’s subjective imagination. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming about sand below to help you sort out.

  Sand often symbolizes the passage of time in dreams. For example, dreaming of sand flowing between fingers, or sand flowing out of an hourglass, sand castles being washed and submerged by ocean waves, etc., all emphasize that time is short and easy.

   Seeing sand in my dream indicates that difficulties are coming.

   A man dreams of piles of sand, implying that difficulties will come, and that things may go wrong recently, so he must be psychologically prepared.

   A woman dreams of piles of sand, congratulations, this is a sign of pregnancy, take care of yourself.

   To dream of walking on the sand implies that you will move for some reason.

   To dream of transporting sand means that officials hold important positions and shoulder heavy responsibilities.

   To dream of someone throwing sand on one’s head will be deceived by friends and go bankrupt.

   The patient dreams of sand and will be bedridden for a long time.

   If you dream that you are comfortable in the warm sand, it reflects your deep inner need for rest, safety, comfort and regaining strength, and even a desire to return to your mother’s body. Maybe you have been a bit too tired recently, and the pressure of life makes you a little tired physically and mentally.

   If you dream that there are grains of sand in your food when you are eating, you are warned not to spread rumors.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

   Dream interpretation: The sand in the dream symbolizes impermanence and instability. Together, Sha and Hai express a sense of emotional insecurity. Quicksand means that you cannot be sure of what you cannot give up in life. The sand in the hourglass warns you that time is passing.

  Psychoanalysis: Sand may represent shortness. Building a sand castle is a meaningless thing, because it will be washed away by water. If you build a castle with sand in your dream, it implies that the life structure you want to build cannot last. It is an illusion.

   Spiritual Symbol: On the spiritual level, sand represents the shortness of life and symbolizes the approaching death.