The meaning and symbol of Lottery in dream

The meaning of lottery dreams, dreaming of lottery has realistic impact and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dream lottery to help you organize below.  

   Dreamed of a lottery ticket and was very interested in the lottery, indicating that you will do something worthless, and you will therefore take a trip that proves to be unlucky.

  If you dream of getting lucky numbers, you will eventually make money in a business that makes you very worried and anxious.

   Dreaming of someone else’s lottery winning, expressing joyful feasts and pastimes, indicating that many friends are together.

  If you dream that you have not won, you will be the victim of other people’s conspiracy and tricks, which will make the prospects of what you do gloom and make people depressed.

  The young woman dreamed of any kind of lottery, indicating that she was careless in doing things. She would marry an unreliable husband and make herself very lost.

  Dream seeing the lucky draw means that you will meet friends who are against you in your career, and your love will only bring you short-term happiness.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream description: The lottery owner is frustrated. Most lottery tickets do not win prizes, which means frustration in dreams. Dreaming of participating in the lottery, implying that the business will be in trouble, the goods may be unsalable, leaving you with no money. In order to recover the loss, you only have to hope for the lottery. This is a gambler’s behavior. Businessmen are smart. How can they do such a confusing thing? Think about your business. There are always ways to do it. Men dream of lottery draws, and will feel depressed. When people are in trouble, they are always eager to make a fortune. Lottery is one of the ways to make a fortune. However, the probability of making a fortune is very small. Therefore, after all, 9 out of 10 people will be depressed. Quickly set your mind right.

   Psychological analysis: I dreamed that there was no winning, implying that I would get the property given by others. The woman dreamed of a lottery, suggesting that her husband would lose his financial resources. Men have no financial resources, and women can only seek comfort by dreaming of a lottery.

Case study of dreaming about lottery

  Dream description: I in the dream came to the prize-winning scene with the surging crowd. The whole scene was crowded and lively. I started to earnestly grab the prize. After a few rounds, I got nothing. I think: foreign money is not rich, and hard work, let’s work hard, don’t think about it will hit good luck. (Female, 20 years old)

  Dream analysis: dreaming about lottery tickets is to remind you not to waste time on useless things. Dreaming about drawing lottery tickets means that you are very interested in drawing lots, drawing prizes, betting and similar things, and are willing to participate in such activities. Dreaming of catching lottery tickets is to remind you not to invest precious time in these meaningless games, ignoring the positive career.