The meaning and symbol of Stakes in dream

The meaning of the dream of the stake, dreaming about the real impact and reaction of the stake, and the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream to see the pile below to help you organize.

  The shape of the stake is very much like a stone tablet, and it has a reputation.

   Dreaming about long stakes, you will get a good reputation.

   Dreaming about short stakes means that your reputation is impaired and you may be looked down upon by others. You should be particularly demanding that you do well and walk right.

   Dreaming of a broken pile means a huge danger and will make you lose your reputation.

  If you plan to do something risky, you must stop anyway.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream commentary: dreaming of piling on the ground means you are marking your own territory.

   Psychoanalysis: The wooden stakes in the dream may suggest the focus of something and remind you of the key to something.

  Spiritual symbol: Analyzed from the spiritual level, the wooden stake in the dream is a symbol of spiritual torture and burning.