The meaning and symbol of Gallows in dream

Hangman The meaning of the dream of the gallows, dreaming about the gallows. The gallows has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreams about the gallows for you.

   Dreaming about hanging or a gallows is an expression of excessive tension in my heart. I may be under too much pressure in my recent work.

   dreamed that his relatives were hanged, which meant adding people to the family.

   dreamed that he was sentenced to death and hanged, implying that there may be many troubles in recent work and life, or encountered resistance, so the pressure is heavy. This dream also reminds you to relax properly, adjust your mood, and pay attention to your health in the near future.

   Dreaming of someone being hanged means that you are a well-behaved and careful person who may be timid by nature and afraid of making mistakes. This dream also reminds you that if you dare to let go of your work, you will achieve greater success.

   The man dreamed of going to the guillotine, heralding a rise in reputation.

   The married woman dreams of the gallows, which indicates that the couple is loving, the family is in harmony, and will grow old together.

   The married man dreamed that his wife was on the guillotine, indicating that this is an ominous sign that worry and disaster will come.

   Dreamed that a friend was put on a gallows, which indicates that your opponent may bring you disaster.

   Dreaming of enemies on the guillotine indicates that there will be many friends in times of crisis.

   dreamed that when he rescued his wife or friend from the gallows, it predicted that he would get unexpected help when he suffered a setback.

  The prisoner dreamed of going to the guillotine, indicating that he would soon be released from prison.

   The patient dreamed that he was sent to the gallows, indicating that the condition might be worse.

Dreaming about the case of hanging on the gallows

  Dream description: Of course, the criminal law of hanging is no longer with the progress and development of human society, but I dreamed of hanging in my dream. I dreamed that I was going to be hanged, and I was in great pain. The feeling was hard to describe in words. (Male, 30 years old)

  Analysis of dreams: Hanging dreams mean psychological stress caused by overloaded work and study. Dreaming about being hanged means that the pressure you are currently experiencing is too great. These pressures come from all aspects of career and life. This dream is reminding you to learn to decompression; dreaming of others being hanged means that you are doing things very cautiously now, fearing that you will miss a bit, and remind you to let go of your hands and feet when doing things.