The meaning and symbol of Crossbow in dream

The meaning of the crossbow dream, dreaming that the crossbow has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming crossbow that is organized for you below.  

   Dreaming of bows and arrows means that due to the insufficiency of others, a plan cannot be executed, which brings great pain to the dreamer.

   Dreamed of an archer, the archer appeared in the dream, mainly symbolizing the dreamer’s love and marriage.

   Dreaming that he was pulling the bow, the bow string was broken, which indicates that the dreamer will have bad luck in the near future.

   dreamed that he was shot by a bow and arrow. This dream is to warn the dreamer to be careful of others’ slander and malicious slander in life. If you are not shot in your dream, it means that you have been expecting that successful business will have failed.

   Dreamed that the bow and crossbow could not be wound, indicating that there was a separation at home.

  Single people dream about archers, indicating that you will soon find a wishful partner and will walk through the palace of marriage together.

  Married people dream of crossbowmen, which means that your marriage is happy and happy, and you will walk hand in hand with your loved ones through the years of life.