The meaning and symbol of Sabre in dream

The meaning of Sabre Dream, dreaming that Sabre has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming Sabre to help you organize below.  

   Dreamed of wearing a knife on her body, saying that some rumors about you some time ago have now disappeared, and your boss knows you more and trusts you, and will soon entrust you with a heavy responsibility and will regard you as a confidant.

   Dreamed that your saber suddenly fell into the water, making you feel sad, but unable to recover, which means that your close family may be sick, and it is quite serious. Please seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and heal early.

  Dreaming that your sword is gone, it means that you will have a money break, and this money break is caused by a prodigal family member, or a nanny in the house or an employee within the company, which is caused by disloyalty.

Dreaming about a woman or a girl you know has a knife around her waist, or dreaming that a sword is hidden under the bed of your home, this is a lucky dream, indicating that your husband and wife have a deep relationship and a peaceful and happy family life .

I dreamed that you walked with a sword, and looked like a magnificent man. This is a sign of wealth and nobility, indicating that you will be promoted, and your past competitors have lost their strength. He will turn to your subordinates and sell your life for you.