The meaning and symbol of shield in dream

The meaning of shield and shield dreams, dreams about shields and shields have realistic influences and reactions, and there are also subjective imaginations of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreams shields and shields for you to organize below.  

   Shield is a defensive weapon used in ancient times to resist the opponent from attacking himself with weapons such as swords, swords and spears, so it symbolizes protection in the dream.

   Dreaming about shields and other defensive equipment symbolizes heroes who are eager to defend their fellow citizens.

  The spear in the dream represents principle, strength, and also has a masculine meaning.

   Dreaming about the image of a warrior holding a spear, it means that the dreamer subconsciously perceives the strong aggressiveness of the man, suggesting that he may encounter contradictions and conflicts.

   Dreaming about the scene of putting a spear on the ground is a symbol of defending your own interests, and it indicates that someone may want to damage your rights.

   Dream that you throw a spear, indicating that you will actively take measures to resolve conflicts or strive for self-improvement.

   The dream saw that the spear was broken, indicating that the dreamer would encounter a setback in life.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream description: Shield is a symbol of protection. It appears in the dream as a warrior’s shield or an obstacle between the dreamer and the outside world. In mythology, those Amazonian warriors are also equipped with shields. It follows from this that it also symbolizes women’s defense awareness.

   Psychological analysis: If the dreamer protects others with a shield, it means that he firmly believes that his actions are appropriate. If the dream is protected by a shield, the dreamer must understand whether he should erect the shield or the shield should be erected for him.

  Spiritual symbol: In the process of spiritual development, the shield represents a special stage of development. At this point, the dreamer must clearly realize that he has control over fate. Such symbols often appear in dreams that mark the stage of development.